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The Evening Rise with David Garfoot

19 August 2015 16:31:38 BST

The evening rise is regarded as the crème de la crème of trout fishing in this country. As daylight hours have now peaked, warmer weather has gradually moved in from the continent boosting the fly life present on the river bank. Insects can hatch in great numbers during these periods and thus create feeding frenzies among the trout of the Eden valley. This increase in the insects available can prompt even the most reluctant and wily of trout to move out of their day time lies to feed. Amongst these fish, now gorging on an array of fly life can often be specimens of three pounds and well above! Evening Rise The evening rises begin as the summer’s day starts to come to an end, the temperature cools and swarms of insects begin to lay their eggs on the surrounding rivers and lakes. The most frequent insects that occur within Cumbria at this time of year are; Sedges, Dun’s, and a variety of Midge’s.   The time of which an evening rise occurs varies from day to day. To make the most of this dry fly sport I avoid the more productive looking pools till later in the evening, when the fish are rising more freely. By doing this it prevents the better quality fish from becoming spooked and leaves things more in your favour when fishing for them.   Greys XF2 Streamflex Fly RodTo effectively target these brown trout a variety of tackle set ups and techniques are required. My tackle of choice when targeting fish on an evening rise, is a Greys XF2 Streamflex 9ft 4wt and a Rio Perception 4wt fly line. This setup is by far one of the most effective on the market to date. It allows for the most careful and delicate presentation, yet also offers great versatility in a variety of fishing situations. The Perception is built upon a low stretch core (around 6 percent stretch) which allows for quicker hook sets and easier mending (see footnote 1) of the fly line.     From my fly line I will always attach a tapered leader to aid the turnover of my fly. My personal favourite being the Rio Powerflex 9ft model which is both supple and low in diameter. As well as this, I always carry a range of tippet strengths in Riverage Grand Max Fluorocarbon and Frog Hair Copolymer which come in useful in many different situations. These can include either tying a dropper or extending the tapered leader if it has become too short. In my opinion these tippet materials are tried and tested and have always offered great reliability on my fishing outings.   Griffiths GnatOn my arrival at the river I will attempt to identify what the fish are feeding on and consider how I might try to catch them. There are a few main approaches which should be considered when fishing an evening rise. These include:     -       Up-wing fly’s such as the Medium Olive and Small Dark Olive hatch throughout June and July. Once they have mated and deposited their eggs within river system (known as Spinners at this stage of their life cycle) they can often become trapped in the surface film. When trapped they are an easy meal for trout and often get eaten before they can escape. To represent Spinners I use a fly known as a Sherry Spinner. I will attempt to match the size of real insect as closely as possible and then target certain fish once I have seen them rise confidently.   Whiting Farm Medium Olive -       As dusk arrives sedge and caddis flies can often be seen skating across the water’s surface. The wake that’s caused seems to attract the attention of most fish in the surrounding water. Trout will readily chase these fleeing insects and aggressively attack them in hope of a large easy meal. In hope of attracting these aggressive brownies I use a select few buoyant sedge patterns such as a Deer Hair Sedge and an Elk Hair Caddis. I cast upstream and directly across, and then retrieve my fly in a variety of different movements. I aim to match the movement of the natural flies as best as possible and find this produces the best results.   -       When fish appear to be feeding on midge species my go to pattern is a Griffiths Gnat. The bushy design of this fly seems to be often irresistible to these wild river trout. I match the size of the fly as closely as possible to the insect. When using small dry fly’s like this it is as important as ever to ensure you get a drag free drift. Flies that are affected by drag usually result in fish ignoring your fly or even becoming spooked.   Sherry Spinner The evening rise can regularly continue well into darkness. During this time I rely on hearing the rise in order to set the hook rather than seeing it. Difficult as this may be the darkness often brings with it the peak of trout’s feeding activity. Great sport can be had on an evening rise and in my opinion is something well worth having a late night for.     David Garfoot   Foot note: 1 – Mending – the process by which you counteract the effects of current on the fly line, thus enabling a longer dead drift.

Don’t Miss the John Norris Super Sale!

5 June 2015 14:47:49 BST

The John Norris Super Sale is still on with over 250 different items still available at fantastic prices! The Super Sale includes items from all of our departments from fishing tackle to country clothing with many items from all the top brands we stock.   Barbour Ladies Beagle JacketFrom our outdoor clothing section we have the Barbour Ladies Beagle Jacket reduced from £249 to £124.99. This stylish Barbour jacket was designed by the vice chairman Helen Barbour herself, a keen dog walker, this jacket was designed using extensive research with other dog walkers and features large pockets for whistles and leads. There is even a detachable washable pocket ideal for storing treats.       Jack Murphy Edmond Quilted JacketFor the men we have the popular Jack Murphy Edmond Quilted Jacket on sale at less than half price for £34.99 reduced from £74.99! This contemporary take on a classic quilted jacket features chambray lining, branded antique brass snaps and contrast coloured neck tape. Currently available in two different colours – deep emerald and simple dynasty, be sure to order yours soon whilst stocks last.     John Norris 14ft 6in Atlantic SalmonFrom our fishing tackle department we have some fantastic offers on fly fishing outfits such as the John Norris 14ft 6in Atlantic Outfit which would normally retail separately at £577.97 - currently on sale as a complete outfit for £240.99! This fly fishing outfit consists of a John Norris 14ft 6in Atlantic Double Handed Fly Rod, a Snowbee Stealth 10/11 Fly Reel, John Norris Atlantic Floating 10/11 Shooting Head and includes line fitting carried out for either left hand or right hand action.   Summer Salmon Fishing Fly SelectionAlso for the fly fishermen we recommend taking a look at our Summer Salmon Fishing Fly Selection - 10 salmon flies ideal for summer salmon as chosen by James Norris. Bought separately these flies would normally cost £29.90 but this special offer selection is currently available for £19.99.       40 Winks Dog BedsNot forgetting our canine friends, we have some fantastic savings on our range of 40 Winks Dog Beds. Available in a selection of sizes from 20in up to 42in and from as little as £9.99!

Fishing on a Tributary of the Eden

26 May 2015 15:06:01 BST

Our Assistant Store Manager, Mark Bendle, was out trout stalking last Thursday on one of the Eden's many tributaries and we thought we would share a few images from the day along with details of what tackle Mark was using. Mark Trout The average size of the brown trout were 3/4lb, taking the Gold Bead Hairs Ear and Micro Caddis, whilst using the New Zealand Duo Style Dry Fly as the indicator on the water surface. The tippet can be tied either over the hook or through the eye of your Dry with a dropper of various lengths with your nymph on the end. Mark Trouting Mark was using a Greys Streamflex 7ft 6 fly rod and all the fish he caught were at rod length out whilst using homemade neoprene knee pads so he could get right down and not spook the fish. Mark Trout1
Our new 2015 Fishing Catalogue is about to launch and we thought what better way to reward one lucky winner with a £500 gift voucher for them to spend on anything of their choice!   Our gift vouchers make excellent gifts for any of our loved ones who spend a lot of their time out in the field or enjoying fly fishing in their spare time. They are available as £10, £20, £50 and £100 vouchers, more details can be found here on our Gift Voucher Page.   In our new catalogue you will find a huge range of fishing tackle and clothing from all the top brands including Greys, Hardy, Sage and much more.  We have many of the new season products in stock ready to ship, and all at fantastic prices.   If you are looking for a new fly fishing rod to get your season going, how about the Hardy Marksman2 T Series Double Handed Rod – available from £299. This popular rod is a favourite for those who like casting, or fishing rivers which traditionally use, or favour a full line.   To accompany this, take a look at the Greys GX900 Fly Reel – on sale from £119.99. This high spec reel is a competitor in all forms of fishing, from tackling small wild trout to battling large, hard fighting salmon. This reel features a centralised twin Rulon disc drag, tool less conversion from left to right, and has a large arbour design with captive spool release.   If it is a new pair of waders you are looking for then you must take a look at the Guideline Laxa Sidewinder Stockingfoot Waders currently on sale at £199.99. These high quality waders are made from strong Korean 4L Nylon fabric and feature fleece lined hand warmer pockets, articulated 4mm neoprene socks and an elastic wading belt to hold tools etc.   So be sure to visit our Competition Page now and enter to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize. If you want to pre-order our 2015 fishing catalogue for free then visit our catalogue page where you can fill in your details for delivery.
Many of you may not know this but for over 35 years we have bought and exchanged a large amount of used fishing tackle. If you are ever looking to buy a new fishing rod, reel or even a pair of waders and have some used tackle that you could possibly exchange in the process, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can offer you a quote based on further inspection of the goods. Once we receive any used items we inspect them carefully and grade them as follows to sell on to anyone who is looking to pick up any second hand tackle at a good price – A – Appears Unused B – Superb Condition C – Very Good Condition D – Marked but Appears Sound E – Usable F – Poor Condition, Reflected in the Price In addition to the used tackle we receive, we also have quite a large selection of ex-demonstration fishing rods and reels available at a discounted price for sale. These are also graded using the same system but are nearly always a grade A as many items have never even left the shop. With around 200 items currently in stock, you can find a full list of the Ex-demonstration and Pre-loved Fishing Tackle listed on our website. This list is updated daily however we can’t guarantee all the items are still available as they are sold on a first come, first served basis.

The Big Clearout Sale!

9 September 2014 09:36:28 BST

It’s that time of year again when autumn is on the way and we start receiving all our stock for the new season ahead. This brings with it our Big Clearout Sale and gives everyone a chance to pick up a fantastic bargain whilst stocks last.   John Norris Ladies Grasmere Quilted JacketFrom our own range of outdoor clothing we have the John Norris Ladies Grasmere Quilted Jacket available in black or navy, priced at only £11.99, down from £50.00. Or for the men, how about the Seeland Rover Softshell Jacket available in pine green, for just £21.99 reduced from £69.99.     John Norris Twin Colour Fly Lines Stealth FloatingThere are still a couple of months left of the fishing season for most rivers across England and Scotland so there is still plenty of time to make use of some of the fantastic offers we have on fishing tackle and accessories we currently have on sale. All items in our range of John Norris Pro2 Fly Lines are currently on offer, such as the John Norris Pro2 Floating Fly Line on sale for £7.99 reduced from £24.99 – or how about the John Norris Twin Colour Fly Lines Stealth Floating, designed for the single handed fly rod and cover both fresh and saltwater applications, reduced from £39.99 to £14.99!   Wychwood Bankman NetWe also have some great deals in our range of Wychwood Fishing Nets, such as the Wychwood Bankman Net, on sale for £34.99 reduced from £49.99. This large diameter net features a butt spike for securing in the ground by your side as well as an angle-adjustable net head that allows it to double as an effective line tray.   Garlands Deluxe Leather Cartridge BeltFor those who have just started the shooting season, we have the Garlands Deluxe Leather Cartridge Belt in 12 gauge on sale for £21.99, reduced from £34.99. This best quality leather belt holds 25 cartridges and is adjustable for 34 – 46in waist.
Our regularly updated Bargains Section is full of fantastic bargains and features our best deals and offers on everything from Country Clothing to Fly Fishing Tackle. We are currently offering  up to 70% off on many items from leading brands so be sure to take advantage of these fantastic offers while stocks last!   Seeland Etosha JacketOne item on offer from our large collection of Men’s Jackets is the Seeland Etosha Jacket available for £29.99 reduced from £89.99. Made from 100% cotton this jacket is highly durable and ideal for the warmer weather when at home.     John Norris Ladies Grasmere Quilted JacketFrom our ladies collection we have the John Norris Ladies Grasmere Quilted Jacket on sale for £19.99 down from £50.00! This popular quilted jacket comes with printed lining, corduroy collar and trim and branded press studs for that classy feel.     Greys XF2 Carnivore Predator OutfitFor the fly fishermen we have a fantastic deal on our Greys XF2 Carnivore Predator Outfits priced at £275.99, a saving of over £100. This outfit has been designed for hard fighting fresh and saltwater predators such as Pike, Zander and Bass and includes: Greys XF2 Carnivore 4 Piece Fly Rod, Greys GX500 Fly Reel, 3 x John Norris Pro2 Big Fly Lines (Floating, Intermediate and Sink 2) with Backing and Loops fitted.   Vuefinder Fly Box Including 180 Salmon FliesAlso for our fly fisherman we have the Vuefinder Fly Box Including 180 Salmon Flies worth over £470 on sale for £289.99! This double ripple foam fly box including 180 Salmon flies is a must for any serious fly fisher and contains all the favourite Salmon Double patterns tied on Salar and VMC double hooks.     With over 400 different items currently listed in our special offers section you will be sure to find a fantastic deal. Or why not register with us here to receive our latest catalogues and emails on all our special offers as they happen!

Salmon Fishing on the River Tweed

15 October 2013 16:46:33 BST

With fishing seasons on rivers across the UK coming to a close, is it good to know that probably the best place to catch a Salmon in the UK is still open until the 30th November.

The River Tweed is known all over the world for its salmon fishing and autumn 2013 looks like being one of the best for a number of years.  September’s figures are showing that catch numbers have been nearly double the amount of the average catch numbers from over the past 5 years!

River Tweed

The River Tweed is located on the Scottish Borders and is historically known as the boundary between England and Scotland. At 97 miles long, there are numerous beats to visit with varying levels of access so it is highly recommended to carry out a good amount of research before you plan your trip. Once you have decided on a suitable location, availability and booking fees can be found here.


There are many resources online where you can find information on what the best tackle to use on the Tweed is, but here are a few pointers and recommendations from us that may give you a helping hand whilst preparing your kit:

John Norris Atlantic Double Handed Fly Rod

Fly Rod – We would suggest a 15ft carbon fibre rod with a double taper 10 or 11 line being the ideal choice of rod but anything between 14ft and 16ft would be fine. The  15ft John Norris Atlantic Double Handed Fly Rod is an excellent choice at a very good price.

Fly Line It would be wise to take as many of your lines with you when fishing the Tweed but double tapered lines are generally preferred due to their spey and roll casting ability. It is also important to mention that very fast sinking lines and shooting heads are currently against regulations for the Tweed due to some misuse foul hooking fish. We stock many different brands of fly fishing lines at competitive prices all of which can be found on our site or in our latest catalogue.


FliesThis comes somewhat down to personal preference with each one of us having different degrees of success with certain flies than others. In the autumn months it is said that 2” overall flies work well with Salmon Waddingtons and medium weight tubes proving popular. If possible it is well worth your while talking to local fisherman or other experienced Tweed fisherman before you decide on what you pack in your fly box.

So make the most of the rest and no doubt the best period of this year’s salmon fishing season by booking a trip to the River Tweed and catch some of the biggest salmon on offer here in the UK.

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