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These five items of Schoffel clothing are essentials for your shooting wardrobe. See how you can WIN a Schoffel outfit of your choice from John Norris!Read More
Posted in Shooting Clothing By Adele Halsall
If game shooting is something you’re looking to try in 2017, then this guide is for you. From serious hunting to clay shooting just for fun, this guide will show you how to choose the right shooting clothing so you can look and feel the part.Read More
Posted in Shooting Clothing By Adele Halsall
“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s miserable, but you don’t have to be…! If you enjoy taking your dogs out for a walk or having a great day in the field, then don’t let the British weather dampen your spirits. Wearing appropriate clothing and using the correct equipment is key to ensuring the success of your day. At John Norris we have a great range of products to keep you warm and dry, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the conditions. I have recommended some of my favourite items to suit a variety of conditions we encounter as we head into the winter months.

Walked Up Days

Walked up days can often take us into some of the harshest and most fierce conditions we come across in Britain (as after all that’s usually where the best of our quarry is found). Days like this often involve extremely changeable weather and a large quantity of miles to be covered. Therefore it is essential to travel light whilst also being prepared to combat any situation that arises throughout the day. In early winter, when temperatures have yet to go below zero, I favour a lighter weight shell-type coat which can be easily taken on and off as I wish. A jacket such as this can be folded into a pocket size bundle and easily stored and carried. This means when walking I don’t overheat, yet I can quickly pop the jacket on at the first sign of a rain. A great example of this is the Musto Fenland jacket which is 100% waterproof and also breathable. The Fenland BR2 Packaway jacket retails for £175.00.

Fishing packaway jacket

Below this I will usually wear a WindBeater style pull over to help keep me warm. This type of sweater contains a membrane which blocks gusts of wind passing through the garment, meaning less heat is lost and I can remain warm. Seeland produce a great example of this type of sweater, which is named the Odell Zip-Neck Sweater. The Odell Zip-Neck Sweater retails for £94.99.

Outdoor zip-neck sweater

When on a walked up day, it is common that you will be passing through harsh, brash type vegetation, which can often be extremely damp. This means it's essential that you wear a good quality waterproof trouser that you can really depend on to keep you dry. An excellent example of this is the Seeland Marsh Trouser. This trouser is 100% waterproof and very comfortable. The outside of this trouser is finished with a polyester canvas material which is extremely durable and thorn repellent. The Marsh trouser in my opinion is a must-have for the walking gun and in every way extremely good value. The Seeland Marsh Trouser is currently on offer from £124.99 to £99.99.

Waterproof marsh trouser

Even though a walked up day is not necessarily a formal one, a nicely presented shirt never goes amiss. At John Norris we offer a wide range of extremely affordable shirts in a variety of colours. A nice example can be seen below in the form of the Tattersall range. These shirts are currently on offer from £19.99 to £12.99.

Tattersall shirts

When shooting on walked up days, I find the most effective way to carry cartridges is by far a cartridge belt. In most circumstances quick re-loading is necessary, and cartridges can easily be pulled from the belt and placed in your gun in a matter of seconds. I prefer genuine leather belts as they are more hard wearing and do not absorb water when wet, unlike canvas alternatives (adding extra weight). A great example of this is the GMK Full Leather Cartridge belt, which retails at £64.99.

Leather cartridge belt

Whatever type of shooting I am doing, I always ensure that I have a suitable form of hearing protection with me. Walked up days require you to move through thick brash and duck under branches a lot of the time, so therefore I prefer the in-ear type of hearing protection. Sonic 2 ear plugs are my personal favourite, as they allow you to hear the general noises and conversations around you, yet block impulse noises like the firing of a shotgun. This offers great benefit as you are able to stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you, yet protect your ears at the same time! The Sonic 2 ear plugs retail at £11.99.

Ear protection for shooting

Areas where walked up days take place are often rugged and contain rough ground. In these places it is vital that you choose a type of footwear that offers both support and grip to protect yourself from slips and falls. My item of choice for most types of shooting is the Le Chameau Arran GTX Boots (GORE-TEX). They are one of the highest quality boots made to date and offer the ultimate in waterproofing, support and comfort. They are a boot that’s built to last and back you up no matter what the terrain and conditions. The Le Chameau Arran GTX boots retail at £250.

Gore-tex ankle support boots

When I am expecting to be travelling through thick undergrowth (potentially boggy), I do opt to wear gaiters, to give both my trousers and the upper part of the boot an added bit of protection. They are also very useful to stop water from running down the top of your boots. The Seeland Crieff gaiters offer great value both in terms of performance and price. When shooting in general I prefer to wear a hat as I find it very useful with both blocking out the sun and also for keeping warm. The Seeland Marsh cap is both waterproof and insulating - a great addition to your shooting outfit and a very usable item. The Seeland Marsh cap is on offer from £39.99 to £31.99.

Outdoor marsh cap

Essential Shooting Kit Check List

20 October 2015 16:58:55 BST

I found this list in my dad’s briefcase and thought it was an excellent way of ensuring I never forget any of my kit when I go shooting. There is nothing worse than arriving at the shoot and realising that you’ve forgotten your cartridges; its sunny yet you’ve no sunglasses, or even worse its pouring down and you’ve forgotten your over-trousers!! We have all been there.

I thought I would share this list with you, and I have also listed some great options that we have available online and in store if you’re in need of any new or extra bits of kit.

Waterproof Coat Lightweight - Ideal top layer & early season shooting

Many great options available now.

Schoffel Ptarmigan Ultralight Coat £299.95

Schoffel Ptarmigan ultralight coat from John Norris Schoffel Ketton Jacket £199.95 Schoffel Ketton Jacket from John Norris Musto Fenland BR2 Packaway Jacket £175.00 Musto Fenland BR2 Packaway Jacket from John Norris Seeland Tarnock Jacket £139.99 Seeland Tarnock jacket from John Norrs

Waterproof and Windproof Coat with Insulation

These are perfect for later in the season when there’s a real nip in the air, or if you'd rather wear a coat than lots of separate layers.

Barbour Swainby Jacket £299.00 (Features a warm microfleece lining) Barbour Swainby Jacket from John Norris Schoffel Ptarmigan Extreme Coat £439.95 (For extreme weather protection) Schoffel Ptarmigan Extreme Coat Harkila Pro Hunter X Jacket - £469.99 (Waterproof jacket made from 100% polyamide tough canvas, with DWR finish.) Harkila Pro Hunter X Jacket

Shooting Waistcoat or Gilet (with big pockets for your shells)

Schoffel Gunthorpe Shooting Vest The Iconic Oakham Fleece with shooting pockets

Schoffel Gunthorpe shooting vest with pockets Musto New Retrievers Vest £149.00 The Retrievers vest is ultra-tough and versatile for shooting, picking up and dog training. Musto Retrievers Vest from John Norris Seeland Weston Club Waistcoat £39.99 Traditional waistcoat with an elegant fit and style. Traditional shooting waistcoat


(obvs - plus a spare if you have it!)

Cartridge Bag

Fill it up before you get there, then you’re ready to go.

Barbour Wax Leather Cartridge Bag £79.95 Easy access and holds 75 12g cartridges

Shooting cartridge bag Croots Byland Leather Cartridge Bag £154.00 Top quality leather, in either 75 or 100 cartridge capacity.

Leather cartridge bag with strap Polytex Cartridge bag £19.99 Polytex cartridge bag for shooting

Cartridge Box Holder or Cartridge Magazine

I like my cartridges loose ready to fill my cartridge bag between drives.

Croots Malton Bridle Leather Cartridge Magazine £328.00 Holds 300 cartridges, its stunning quality and will only get better with age.

leather cartridge magazine Beretta Retriever Cartridge Box Store either 4 or 8 boxes of cartridges from only £49.95. Selection of shot if shooting a variety game. Selection shot cartridge magazine

Cartridge Belt

These range from £28.95 up to £125.00, coming in various sizes, styles and materials. Browse our selection - we're sure to have one to suit! Beretta catridge belt Bridle leather cartridge belt

Full leather cartridge belt from John Norris


For your protection and to highlight the birds on those sunny or grey days. I like to have a couple of lens colour options.

Beretta Shooting Eye Protection £37.99 Clear - eye protection Black – very sunny day Yellow – Low light day Amber – The all rounder Baretta shooting sunglasses in four colours Costa Del Mar 580p These feature the ultimate polarised shooting lens in a variety of styles and lens colours - the best on the market. View the full range.

Neck Warmer

Neck warmers are great against the wind or the rain as it stops drips from going down your neck. Our own-brand one is on special offer  - MRP £9.99, sale price only £4.99 Polar fleece neck warmer for shooting


I like fingerless or really thin ones that I can keep on when I'm shooting.

Barbour Suregrip Sporting Gloves £32.95 These gloves are moisture-wicking and made from a clever technical fabric, with a soft suede feel that grips more the wetter it becomes. supergrip gloves for shooting

Harkila Proshooter Gloves £45.99 Best-selling shooting glove, with leather palms for grip and Windstopper fleece on back of hands for warmth. Prohooter leather shooting gloves Barbour Fingerless Gloves £16.95 7 gauge knitted lambswool for extra warmth, with elasticated rib finish on cuff.

Fingerless shooting gloves

Cap or Hat (depending on your preference)

This will protect you from the glare of the early season sun and keep you dry.


For drying your gun between drives.

Shotgun Certificate

Gun Cleaning Kit

It’s much easier to clean your gun at the end of the day so you can store it away easily in your gun locker when you return home.  Gun cleaner is also a great idea if you cartridges start to get stuck during the day.

Beretta Presentation 12G Shotgun Cleaning Kit £47.95 Shotgun presentation and cleaning kit Gunmark Deluxe Boxed Cleaning Kit 12g or 20g £26.99

Deluxe boxed gun cleaning kit

Wellingtons or Leather Boots

Must have protection against the elements and terrain - each to their own here.

I wear Dubarry Galway Boots £299.00 Dubarry shooting boots James wears Musto Buckden Shooting Boots £350.00 Musto Buckden shooting boots Dad has Le Chameau walking boots as he likes extra ankle support.

Le Chameau Arran + GTX Walking Boots £280.00 Walking boots with extra ankle support Le Chameau, Hunter Balmoral, Dubarry and Seeland/Harkila are the leading brands in the fields. View our full range of footwear

Shooting stick

Great to perch on when waiting for the birds. The ones with the magnetic end make collecting your cartridges easy at the end of the drive.

Various styles and prices available; click the images for further info.

Leather shooting stick standard shooting stick Shooting stick with adjustable cartridge collector seat

Waterproof Trousers/Breeks/Leggings/Gaiters

Easy-on ones are my favourites. Waterproof breeks are brilliant as you get the best of both worlds, but they can be too warm early season. Our waterproof trousers are available in various lengths and styles. Here are some of our favourites.

Schoffel Saxby Overtrousers £119.95 Lightweight, with zips and Velcro up the side for easy entry and elasticated ankles to grip around your footwear. shooting overtrousers Barbour Sylkoil Leggings from £59.95 Long or short, ideal for beating as they are thorn-proof. Barbour shooting leggings Seeland Crieff Short Overtrousers £74.99 Wind and waterproof, with full length zips which allows you to wear them over regular trousers. Waterproof overtrousers for shooting Seeland Keeper Trousers £129.99 Waterproof and windproof trousers, rather than over-trousers, are very popular. Key areas are reinforced for extra protection. Waterproof and windproof shooting trousers Barbour Endurance Gaiters £59.95 Ideal for any country pursuit where your boots will get muddy but you don’t want your trousers to. Gaiters for shooting Seeland Crieff Gaiters £34.99 Made from strong Oxford-nylon, with polyurethane coating for extra toughness. Strong shooting gaiters

Ear Defenders

We have ones that go in your ear or over your ear, depending on what you prefer. Below are some of the best.

Deben Supreme Pro Hearing Protection £199.99 Supreme ear defenders for shooting

Deben Pro Basic Ear Protection £124.99

Basic ear protection for shooting

Deben Stereo Electronic Hearing Protection £54.99 Stereo hearing protection for shooting Sonic 2 Ear plugs £11.99 Sonic 2 ear plugs for shooting

Welly or Boot Bag

Protect your car or home from mud.

John Norris Welly Boot Bag only £14.99 John Norris welly boot bag

Sophie Allport Pheasant Boot Bag £30.00 Pretty boot bag by Sophie Allport Barbour Boot Bag £21.95 Barbour boot bag for muddy shoes

Boot Jack

Keep a boot jack in the back or your car to slip muddy boots off with ease.

Harkila Boot Jack £10.99 Boot jack by Harkila


For gundogs, we recommend this kit.

Water bowl £9.99 The Non Spill Road Refresher is ideal. Non-spill dog bowl Dog Transporter from £59.99 No need to struggle any more with heavy metal cages - these strong, lightweight and quickly collapsible transport boxes are a dream for carrying in and out of vehicles.

Terrier, Spaniel and Labrador

Dog transporter for fishing and shooting Tether Attach your dog to this during the drive

Dog tether, rust free

Whistle Various pitches and colours available. We also do lanyards so you can keep it around your neck without losing it. Whistles for gundogs Leads Lots of slip leads. I tend to lose at least one a day...thank goodness we do a special offer on a pack of 3!

Dog Rope Twist Slip Leads - 3 pack only £12.99 Twist slip dog leads

Boxing Day Pheasant Shooting: What To Wear

23 December 2014 11:31:42 GMT

For many keen shooting and hunting enthusiasts, Christmas and New Year is one of the most eagerly anticipated periods in the Pheasant shooting calendar. It’s a traditional part of the Christmas and New Year celebrations for many, and a great way to spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family. A lot of people like to make an effort to look their best on a Boxing Day or New Year’s Day shoot, so expect tweed, tailoring and country clothing at its finest. If you’re attending a pheasant shoot on Boxing Day, make sure you’re dressed to impress with the finest country clothing from John Norris. For the Gentlemen Gents, it’s time to spruce up and look your best for the annual tradition. Nothing can beat a tailored tweed jacket when it comes to crisp country style. Barbour Huntsman Tailored Tweed Sports Jacket

Barbour Huntsman Tailored Tweed Sports Jacket

Currently reduced from £249 to £149.99, get yours now whole stocks last! Barbour Zoot Tailored Tweed Sports Jacket

Barbour Zoot Tailored Tweed Sports Jacket

This timeless classic sports jacket is also reduced from £279 to £159.99. Pair your tweed jacket with a crisp shirt for effortless style. A Harkila Hasvik shirt or a Barbour original Tartan shirt is sure to keep you looking fresh in the country. Finish the whole look with a stylish tie from our collection. With brands like Schoffel and Seeland to choose from and tasteful country prints, you’ll look dapper on the day. For the Ladies Look stylish and feminine on your Boxing Day or New Year shoot with a timeless classic tweed coat. This Barbour Ladies Swaledale Covert Coat has a nipped in waist to accentuate your figure, stylish tweed pattern and distinctive Barbour detailing that will make any woman look and feel the part. With 100% wool outer and a jacquard lining you’re sure to be warm enough no matter what the weather.

Barbour Ladies Swaledale Covert Coat

Accessorise your coat with Dubarry faux fur winter range – mix and match from the Dubarry Ladies Fur Headband, Dubarry Sword Muff, Dubarry Fur Scarf, Dubarry Ladies Avoca Pill Box Hat or the Dubarry Greystones Snood.
Posted in Barbour Shooting Clothing By

What to Wear When Game Shooting

24 October 2014 17:09:09 BST


Harkila Pro Hunter X JacketInvesting in a good shooting jacket is extremely important for anyone interested in going game shooting. Most shooters tend to go for Green, Browns or Tweed, depending what you like. There are many jackets available on the market for all conditions, whether its still early in the season and warm (but still with a chance of rain), or you want something for when it gets cooler. We have a wide range of jackets that are great for all year round. As you never know what the weather is going to be like you need to prepare to be warm and comfortable so you get to enjoy the day. All jackets now have great freedom of movement to keep you swinging and plenty of pockets for cartridges, ear protection and much more. Here at John Norris we have a wide selection of men’s and ladies shooting jackets from leading names including; Schoffel, Barbour, Harkila, Beretta, Musto and more. Men's Shooting Jackets Ladies Shooting Jackets  

Headwear, Ties & Accessories

Barbour Ladies Wax Baker Boy CapWe have a wide range of hats for all season, whether your want a traditional tweed cap, or a fleece lined hat to keep your ears warm, and for the ladies, a hat helps to keep your hair out of your eyes. We are sure to have something in stock that suits you. We also have an extensive range of accessories such as Position finders, magnetic cartridge lifters, Gun Care and much more. A tie needs to be worn on formal shoots. Check with your host if you’re unsure. Men's Shooting Accessories and Headwear Ladies Shooting Accessories and Headwear  

Ear Protection

Deben Electronic Ear DefendersWhether you want standard ear protection, fancy electronic ones or keeping it simple with plug in ones, we have it covered. Always make sure you have something to protect your ears. We recommend choosing something that will keep your ears warm too. Ear Defenders  

Trousers and Breeks

John Norris Moleskin TrousersBreeks are more common place when shooting and they are now available in a variety of materials - tweed, waterproof tweed, cotton, moleskin and much more. They start from as little as £39.99 for our own John Norris breeks. Some shooters prefer trousers to breeks and our John Norris moleskin trousers are currently on sale for only £29.99. There is also a fantastic range of waterproof trousers and overtrousers from Seeland, Schoffel, Musto and more.     Men's Shooting Trousers & Breeks Ladies Shooting Trousers & Breeks  


Don’t forget to add a splash of colour to your outfit with some brightly coloured shooting stockings. Stockings & Garters  

Shooting vest/waistcoat

Barbour Ladies Coverdale WaistcoatIf you’re on a formal shoot, lots of Guns like to wear a three piece tweed suit with matching breeks or trousers, waistcoat and jacket. Waistcoats and Vests are very popular early season when its too hot for a jacket or as a top layer as they have deep pockets to put lots of cartridges in. Men's Shooting Vests & Waistcoats Ladies Shooting Vests & Waistcoats  

Cartridge Bags and Gun slips

GMK Full Leather Cartridge BeltStore and carry your cartridges with ease with our range of cartridge bags. At John Norris we have a wide range of Cartridge Bags and Gun slips. We are delighted to now be stockist of the top quality range of shooting accessories from Croots, they provide essential pieces of kit that will last a lifetime and get better looking with age. Cartridge Bags & Gun Slips  


Hunter Balmoral Royal BootsWellingtons, Leather boots and walking boots are all fantastic for shooting. Wellingtons come with a variety of soles and linings, such as Neoprene or Leather for extra warmth and different calf fits. Leather boots such as Dubarry are very popular for Ladies and Gents and look great with breeks or jeans. Our range of walking boots come in an array of heights to suit all, they offer great ankle support on uneven ground. Men's Footwear Ladies Footwear  


Safety First. Whilst there are many benefits from wearing sunglasses, the most important of all is Safety and protection. Amber and yellow lenses are great for picking up game on a grey day and grey lenses are great for blocking out the sun. Sunglasses   For more help and information on purchasing the right kit for you to enjoy your day in the field, do not hesitate to call us on 01768 864211 or email us
August 12th is upon us once again and with it comes the Glorious Twelfth! – The official start to the Red Grouse shooting season in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and one of the busiest days in the shooting calendar. Sam Walker, the Game and Gamekeeping Officer from the British Association for Shooting and Conversation (BASC) has been in touch and has given us the following information - “The general feeling is that this season looks very promising, with good preseason counts across the country” Looking at more specific regions, he also said – “In the Bowlands, the reports are looking very promising with good spring and preseason counts of Grouse thanks to periods of rain and humid conditions that has led to good insect numbers. North Derbyshire is also showing good preseason counts with healthy size broods, and in Scotland counts seem good as a whole but not record breaking. Overall, the season will depend very much on the weather conditions but the initial signs are looking promising” We would still recommend that you check with your destinations Moorland Manager to confirm they are open for shooting, more information on grouse numbers and any special measures that may have been put in place before planning your trip. To help you start the Red Grouse shooting season in style, John Norris of Penrith has a wide range of high quality shooting accessories and country clothing currently in stock. To help you get ready for the shooting season we recommend you treat yourself to the Musto Fenland Packaway Jacket available for £175. This shooting jacket is waterproof and breathable so ideal for protecting you against the British weather. If you’re new to shooting and need a complete outfit you should checkout our Fellmoor collection from Barbour which includes a jacket, a waistcoat and a pair of breeks. You can find more details of the dates for the Red Grouse shooting season and other popular UK hunting seasons in our previous article – Brief Guide to Popular UK Hunting Seasons
Musto Logo     The 2014 IPC Shooting Industry Awards took place last week and we are pleased to announce that Musto came away with the highest praise this year by winning the New Clothing Product Award for the Musto Fenland Packaway Jacket!   FENLAND PACKAWAY JACKET - AWARD The Awards are effectively the Oscars of the shooting industry and the clothing category is without doubt the most competitive and coveted of all. With the Fenland Packaway Jacket, Musto have been able to push boundaries in innovation and engineered excellence.   Musto Fenland Packaway JacketA panel of eight shooting industry experts had to base their decision on a number of criteria including- Innovation, Quality, Design, Sales Success and Customer Recommendation. Winning this award was no mean feat. The Musto Fenland Packaway Jacket is a shooting jacket with many fantastic features. It is constructed from a light nylon outer with a hydrophilic, waterproof, windproof coating that ensures the jacket to be exceptionally light and versatile. There is a removable hood, easy access cartridge pockets, hand warmer pockets and Velcro adjustable cuffs. It is also machine washable.   Best of all though is the packaway facility that enables you to pack the jacket away into a discreet internal pocket / pouch - an extremely useful feature when out in the field in ever changing weather conditions.   The Musto Fenland Packaway Jacket is available now at John Norris of Penrith in all sizes ranging from S – XXXL for £175! Treat yourself to this award winning jacket today whilst stocks last.
The New Year is here and it’s that time of the month again when we offer one lucky person the chance to win a selection of prizes from our most sought after items of stock. This month we have the fantastic prize of a complete shooting outfit from top Scandinavian outdoor clothing brand Härkila. This Swedish label was created in the heart of the idyllic yet raw outdoors, where elk and deer graze and black grouse can be seen in abundance – the perfect location for developing and testing the best hunting clothing on the market.   Harkila Canis Jacket 1 The outfit consists of the new Härkila Canis Jacket from their latest range of all round shooting clothing. With features like 100% polyester brushed knit lining, GORE-TEX® membrane and the Cordura® reinforcements to secure a high durability while keeping weight at a minimum, the Härkila Canis Jacket is one of the best shooting jackets available today.   Harkila Canis TrousersAccompanying the Canis Jacket we have the Härkila Canis Trousers also from the latest range from Härkila. Available in a wide range of sizes and made with the same properties and quality as the Canis Jacket.   Harkila Big Game BOA GTX BootsFor footwear we have chosen the Härkila Big Game BOA GTX 8in Boots featuring the BOA® lacing system that laces up tightly with a single push! Constructed with soft Nubuck leather and GORE-TEX® Performance comfort lining, these quality boots will keep you protected whatever the weather on the toughest of terrain. Visit our competition page now and enter to be sure of a chance of winning this fantastic Härkila shooting outfit worth over £800!

Brief Guide to Popular UK Hunting Seasons

11 November 2013 14:08:16 GMT

With shooting seasons in full flow we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick guide to some of the season open and close dates along with some useful links and advice.

Game Birds


England, Wales & Scotland

Northern Ireland

Red Grouse

Aug 12th – Dec 10th

Aug 12th – Nov 30th

Black Grouse

Aug 20th – Dec 10th



Aug 12th – Dec 10th


Grey Partridge

Sep 1st – Feb 1st

Sep 1st – Jan 31st

Red-Legged Partridge

Sep 1st – Feb 1st

Sep 1st – Jan 31st


Oct 1st – Feb 1st

Oct 1st – Jan 31st


Pheasant is considered by many to be the backbone of driven game shooting here in the UK and now the season has started, it is time to get out there in the field.  Pheasants notoriously prefer to run rather than fly but once driven they take to the skies and can pick up speed pretty fast and can fly over a line of guns in no time at all. The hilly terrain of the North of England and Scotland is perfect for this with many drives available.

Here are a couple of websites worth visiting –

Deer Stalking


England, Wales & Northern Ireland







Apr 1st –Oct 31st

Nov 1st – Mar 31st

Apr 1st – Oct 20th

Oct 21st – Mar 31st


Aug 1st – Apr 30th

Nov 1st – Mar 31st

Jul 1st – Oct 20th

Oct 21st – Feb 15th


Aug 1st – Apr 30th

Nov 1st – Mar 31st

Aug 1st – Apr 30th

Oct 21st – Feb 15th


Aug 1st – Apr 30th

Nov 1st – Mar 31st

Jul 1st – Oct 20th

Oct 21st – Feb 15th

Chinese Water Deer

Nov 1st Mar 31st

Nov 1st – Mar 31st




No close season

No close season


Red Deer

Deer stalking is becoming more and more popular and with the number of deer in the UK being at its highest rate for the last 1000 years, there is a greater need for management of the various species found across the country. Deer have no natural predators in the UK so although in some areas some species are still protected, in other areas numbers still have to be managed to prevent the spread of diseases and impact on the surrounding countryside.

There are a number of organisations and Estates across the UK that offer opportunities to experience deer stalking of which details can be found on the internet, such as –


Barbour Sporting Featherweight Climate Jacket

Before heading out on your planned shoot or stalking event, it is important to make sure you are properly prepared. With the majority of shooting done in autumn and winter time it is well worth investing in a well insulated, waterproof jacket that still offers great comfort and manoeuvrability that is vital when handling a gun. Our latest collection of shooting jackets includes the Barbour Sporting Featherweight Climate Jacket which is ideal for colder weather with its fleece lining and excellent freedom of movement in the shoulders.

For the slightly warmer days we have the popular Barbour Highmoor Wax Sporting Gilet with its large cartridge pockets and softee leather shoulder patches, another well designed item of clothing from the Barbour Sporting Range developed by Lord James Percy one of the best shots in the country.

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