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Location: River Eden @ Armathwaite Beat: Lower House River level: 1ft 2in with a little colour after the snow melt the previous days. Tackle Used Rod: New Guideline 9ft 6in 5-15gm LPXE Microwave. More power than I expected for playing a fish; I was really impressed. Reel: Shimano Technium FD Spinning Reel 4000 Lure: Black and Silver 11gm Silver Bullet, with one hook off the treble removed and the remaining two de-barbed (it catches and releases much easier) Waders: Snowbee Geo 5 Waders and Boots I arrived at 6.30am and a fish showed straight away in the bathing pool. Yet I fished through with no response. I decided to drive down to the Linky pool at about 8.30 and at 9 o' clock, bingo! I had hooked a fish. I landed it by 9.10; it was sea liced and an absolute cracker - about 10lb in the weigh net. After taking a quick snap I then held the fish in the upstream position in the net and slid it out slowly. It took off up the river at speed, another safe catch and release. I took a break and sat in the fishing hut overlooking the river and had a bite to eat. At 11am the grannom and olives were hatching off, so I set up a 4 weight trout rod with a couple of spiders and a GRHE bead. There was a strong downstream wind which was a bit of a problem, but I caught a salmon Smolt, who I hope to meet again in three years time. I also caught some salmon and trout Parr and a couple of 3/4lb brownies, all on the GRHE in 2-3ft of water. Top Tip: If fish are not rising, it doesn’t mean they are not feeding - go deep. Good luck to you on your next fishing trip, I am available for advice Thurs-Sun 01768864211 for any advice you may need. P.S. Snowbee Geo waders are still going have I managed to fish all these years without the convenience of a ZIP….!!! Julian Shaw salmon catch

Fishing in April: Top Tips

4 April 2016 15:51:47 BST

Here we are, already in April. The clocks have changed giving us more evening light, and the temperature is slightly warmer. The spring salmon season has had an exciting start, especially on the Tweed, Tay and Dee. Its been great to see lots of big fish being caught around the 18lb+ mark. If you haven’t already, this is the month to sort through your fishing tackle, fishing clothing and waders to make sure you have everything you need and all is in good order. The most productive time for fishing at this time of year is generally the central 5 hours, 10am – 4pm. Insects are more likely to hatch around this time due to it being the warmest part of the day. John Norris Pro Team veteran Julian Shaws shares his early season checklist and expert advice.

1. Safe Wading

After this winter’s storms and flooding, the substratum of many river beds will have changed - pools that you have always waded in safely may not be so now. The best way to check these changes it to visit the beat, especially in low water. Wear your chest waders and use your wading staff to safely check the depth of the water. Remember new gravel is unstable so be careful at all times. For extra peace of mind why not invest in one of the England life jackets? They are excellent value for money, very lightweight and available in automatic and manual inflation. Julian recommends: Simms Aluminium Folding Wading Staff in 51” or 56” - £99.00

Durable wading staff

Guideline Folding Wading Staff - £59.99

Foldable wading staff

Snowbee Telescopic Wading Staff - £28.99

Retractable fishing wading staff

Attach your wading staff to a Gear Keeper wading staff retractor, which will keep your wading staff out of the way until needed. It attaches to a jacket or vest D ring with snap clip. (£19.99)

Wading staff retractor

Englands Survivor Braces life jackets – Manual £62.00 – Automatic £67.00

England's Survivor life jackets

2. Check and sort your fly box.

Now is the time to sort through your fly boxes and see what flies are in need of replacing due to loss and general wear and tear. Alternatively, you may want to try some new patterns this season. We have a large selection of trout, salmon, sea-trout and many other flies, and our Pro Team can even advise you on what patterns to use where and how to fish them. John Norris Fly Range We also do a wide range of fly boxes in various shapes, sizes. John Norris Fly Box Range

3. Check your waders.

If you didn’t wash your waders at the end of last season then give them a wash now; it aids in the breathability of the fabric and helps the waders perform better. It also ensures they are comfortable to wear – dirty waders can get stiff with grime. And, of course, it keeps them (and you) hygienic and smelling nice! Gore-tex and breathable waders should be washed at least twice a season. It’s also important to wash and dry your waders before any repairs are done.

1. Machine Washing

When washing waders in a washing machine, there are some very important things to remember: • If possible, take off any loose parts such as shoulder straps or wading belts. Alternatively, fold them inside a zip lock bag to prevent them getting caught inside the machine. • Always use cold water with a cold rinse. • Never use powder – instead you should always use a non-bio liquid detergent. Grangers Wash-In Cleaner or Revivex High Tech Fabric Cleaner and Nikwax are a gentler option, specifically designed for waterproof wader fabric. • Do NOT use any fabric softener. • Hang the waders inside out and let them drip dry. If you want to store your waders, it is VERY IMPORTANT that they are completely dry. Folding up damp waders can cause mould to form, or cause the tape on the seams to loosen and fade.

2. Hand Washing

You can also wash your waders by hand in a bath or a large sink. To do this, simply follow the steps below. • Dissolve washing solution in cool water and soak the waders. • If they are particularly dirty, just scrub them lightly with a soft brush. • Ensure you rinse the waders thoroughly. • Hang your waders up inside out and leave them to dry completely. • Remember to make sure they are COMPLETELY dry before putting them away (see above).


Should the waterproof coating on your waders start failing, don’t panic! There is a simple way to get your waders back to their old selves. Simply follow these easy steps: 1. Hang your waders up. 2. Spray on the Simms Revivex Water Repellent. There is no need to spray it on neoprene or rubber parts. 3. While waders are damp, use a hair dryer to activate the water repellent treatment, and help dry the waders. To check to see if you have any leaks, trap air in your waders and use the top of the waders rolled up to make an airtight seal, then pop in the bath and see if any bubbles show. The best way to repair leaks is with Aquasure. Simply apply a thin layer on the inside of the waders and leave to dry. It’s only £6.99 for a tube.

Wader fabric glue

Remember to check your laces, as they will far be outlived by the boots themselves! Spare sets can be purchased for just £7.99.

Wader replacement laces

4. Fly Lines and Backing.

Check your fly lines for any damage, the best way to do this is to pull the full length of the line off your reel and check for any problems. Also try gently pulling your fly line to stretch it slightly - this will remove any memory from the fly line that it may have obtained from sitting on the reel for a while. When checking your line, you should also clean it. Julian recommends the Rio Wonder Cloth that has been impregnated with Agent X; each pack includes five wipes and they are easy to slide up and down your line. They’re also great for your fishing kit when reservoir fishing so you can clean you line easily during the day. Five wipes - £4.99

Fly line cleaner

This is also a great opportunity to check your backing to fly line knot and add a few drops of superglue. The easiest to use is the Zap A Gap brush-on glue, and its only £4.99.

Brush on fly line adhesive

Don’t forget to check the braided loops on your fly line to make sure they aren’t frayed. If they are replace them and if not add a drop of glue.

5. Tippet and Leaders.

Check your kit and see make sure you have enough tippet material and leaders and replace accordingly. Monofilament lasts a couple of seasons when it is at its best; with fluorocarbon it should last four years. Always write the purchase date on the back of your spools of nylon or fluorocarbon so you know how old it is. Julian recommends: Dry Fly Fishing Rio Powerflex down to 3.4lb - £4.50 for 30yd

tippet material for dry fly fishing

Wet Fly Fishing with Droppers Fog Wet Fly Casts

Tippet material wet fly cast

Profil Casts only £2.49 – wet, dry and salmon.

Tippet material all types of fishing

Salmon Fishing Polyleaders are really popular and give you the ability to change your fishing depth with ease, as you only need to change the leader rather than the whole spool. It also works out much cheaper than having lots of different spools and lines. The Polyleaders Maxima is very popular - I would recommend 12lb – 15lb at the moment and then dropping off to 10lb when it warms up. Seaguar I personally prefer Seaguar as its denser so sinks quicker. It’s also much finer than monofilament and totally invisible.

Salmon and saltwater fishing tapers

6. Time to sharpen up

An essential piece of kit I always have in my fly vest is the Eze-Lap hook sharpener for £8.99. I can use it on the go and make sure my hooks are always as sharp as possible, so I’m not left telling tales of the one that got away!

Fishing hook sharpener

7. Let’s get organised.

At the start of the season are you one of those people that has to try and locate your tackle as you can’t remember quite where you stored it?? I have a few simple tips to make life much easier. Do you know what line is on which reel? Always put a sticker on the back of your spool so you know its size and density. A great way to store reels and spools and to protect them is to put them in a reel brief. These are available for 5 or 10 reels/spools. Below are a few suggestions. Snowbee Reel Brief - £29.99 Holds 10 reels/spools.

Spool and reel case

Simms Headwaters Reel Brief - £59.99 Features two large organiser panels, with six separate pockets that connect out of the way when not in use and made from mesh for easy viewing of contents.

Reel brief case

Airflo Outlander Reel Cases – 5 reel or 10 reel from £14.99

Reel carry case

8. Fly Vest

Store your fly boxes in the multiple pockets; pop your tippet material in another; clip on your tools with zingers; attach a floatant and sinkant holder and pop your net on the D ring on the back. With fly vests the options are endless, and you can even keep your favourite flies on your fly patch for easy access. Julian's recommends: The Simms Guide vest is outstanding in every way: design, quality, comfort. Its fits in everything you need perfectly, and I especially like the two storage pockets on the back.

Fly fishing vest

Spring Salmon Fishing: Top Tips

7 March 2016 10:14:02 GMT

The spring salmon fishing season is well and truly underway, and we’re keen to know how you’ve all been getting on! Whether you’ve managed to swipe an early season springer or haven’t yet found time to wet your line, we’ve got some tips that’ll help you on your way to spring fishing success.  

Salmon Fishing: Top Tips

1. Always refresh your leader material at the beginning of a new season. 2. To ensure the best hook hold make sure all your hooks are strong and sharp. 3. The depth you fish your fly in spring is critical so have a varied selection of sink tips, sinking shooting heads and skagit lines so you can get the fly down. 4. Choosing the right flies will improve your chances dramatically. A good selection of tube flies, coneheads and large doubles is ideal in the spring, as the fish will be holding deep in the colder water. 5. It is important to respect the river throughout the whole season. A nod to safety equipment like the Englands or Airflo safety vests is wise. 6. A decent set of waders and a wading jacket will keep you dry and comfortable and also allows you to carry all tackle essentials while fishing. 7. Spring mornings can be crisp therefore a set of thermals and mid layers are important to keep warm in the water. 8. Consider the 5 year average of every salmon beat, even if some were lacking in numbers last year they could well provide success this spring. 9. Vary the speed you fish the fly by either casting at different angles or stripping the fly. 10. Cover as much water as possible as after the winter floods pools and holding places will have changed. 11. If you suffer from cold hands try the new Guideline Fir-Skin gloves as these are very thin and don’t impede your casting and are extremely warm. 12. Top 10 flies - Black and Orange Piglet Bottle Tube, Gold Gunn Loop Bottle Tube, Black & Yellow Plastic Tube Conehead, Super Snaelda Conehead, Tungsten Cascade Conehead, Tungsten Black and Yellow Conehead, Glenswood Black & Yellow Shrimp, Glyn Freeman Boyo Salmon Double, Kinermony Killer Double, The Monkey Copper Tube FlySal.   Still yet to grab your session on the water? Why not book one with, or before the end of May, to really make the most of what the season has to offer.

Meet Professional Caster Eoin Fairgrieve!

30 September 2015 15:53:23 BST

Want the chance to pick the brains of a true casting expert? Then pop down to our store this Sunday 4th October, where we’ll be welcoming author, photographer and world speycasting champion Eoin Fairgrieve who hails from the Scottish borders and just about lives on the famous River Tweed.

 Eoin Fairgieve

As well as being an ex-river guide and casting consultant to a number of angling bodies and government agencies, Eoin is now a full-time professional speycasting instructor at his own fly-fishing centre on the River Tweed, Scotland. Fully qualified in all modern casting techniques with both single and double-handed fly rods, Eoin is the perfect candidate for answering all of your casting questions, with over 26 years of experience giving fly fishing seminars across the world.   Besides being a qualified member of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors, Eoin is also a writer and photographer for the UK’s leading angling magazine Trout & Salmon. So you may indeed already be familiar with his extensive expertise!   Eoin is a fishing consultant for Loop Tackle and will be available to provide in depth knowledge on this first class fishing brand.   For more information about Eoin and his fly fishing centre, visit
Fisher, Shooter, Golfer and Newcastle United fan, John Henderson of Pure Fishing UK fills us in on his fishing experiences and provides some sound advice on what not to do with yellow snow.   Name:  John Henderson Age:  35 Location:  Alnwick, Northumberland Job Description:  Head of Sales & Marketing – Pure Fishing UK Likes:  Outdoor sports, in fact most sport but the stand out ones are - fishing, shooting and golf. I also enjoy football but this can be quite stressful as most NUFC fans would testify! Dislikes:  Walking around a crowded shopping centre or supermarket! John Henderson Describe a typical day for you?   Up early and walk my dogs – Clay a black Lab and Holly a black Cocker Spaniel!  This would be followed by either a day in the office (our headquarters are in Alnwick) or on the road with one our sales team visiting one of our customers, this could be anywhere in the UK & Ireland.   What age did you start fishing? I started fishing when I was 8 years old, my Father took me fly fishing on our local river Aln for wild Brown Trout. This first trip was enough to hook me for life and drive my passion for the sport to not only try different types of fishing but to have a career in fishing too.   What is your first fishing memory? As above my first trip with my dad, the main memory that sticks with me is me catching my very own fish! I made the cast with my Black Pennell and hooked a wild Brown Trout around ½ a pound! I was so happy this is what made it stick! John Henderson 3 What do you love most about the sport? It all connects back to my love for the outdoors; I love the peaceful side of the sport and my main target species would be either wild Brown Trout, which like I say stems from that very first experience and also Atlantic Salmon. Salmon for me have such an elusive nature and that moment when you get that take is like nothing I've ever experienced before, it’s magical!   Describe your casting style? I suppose every single person has a different casting style, I’m not sure how mine would be described as I have been influenced by so many different people! I think when it comes to single handed casting I have what you would call a crisp casting action where a fast action rod would be best suited to me. Spey casting is slightly different as I have been taught by very traditional anglers as well as very modern style casters, if you mix this up it is probably where I am – a 'traditional style with a modern twist'. I love the more modern styles of Spey casting with casts like the Circle “C”, Snap “T” or Snake Roll. However we mustn’t forget that all of these casts come back to the MOST important of all – the single Spey cast!   What is your most memorable fishing experience? This is a really tough one, I have so many great memories when it comes to fishing but I am going to split this into two!
  1. The first has to be that very first fish caught on my local river with my dad, this fish is what ultimately got me into the sport that we all love and even helped me choose my career path!
  2. The second is more about a specific fish, I mentioned above about my love for Atlantic Salmon, a very dear friend and family member Mr Andy Murray (not the tennis player) asked me many years ago if I would like to try Salmon fishing on the mighty river Tweed where he Ghillie’s on a beat called Tweed Mill. Andy is a world renowned Spey caster and very well respected in the industry so who better than him to show me the ropes! It wasn’t long before Andy had me casting a decent line so we ventured out in search of the elusive Atlantic Salmon, it was around an hour later that I experience my first PULL, this has stayed with me ever since and is what drives me and many fellow anglers to go out again and again to try and catch others! I have to thank Andy for that opportunity as without him I wouldn’t have had that memory!
  John Henderson 4What piece of kit could you not live without? I would say the most versatile kit I have is a 9’ 5# fly rod, this can be crossed over for many different species and it can be used in many different locations – example small/large rivers, small Stillwater’s and even reservoirs as a back up!   What do you still want to tick off your fishing bucket list? I have a few dreams when it comes to fishing!
  1. To fish in British Columbia
  2. Fish in Argentina for Sea Trout
  3. Fish somewhere exotic (anywhere would do) for several species on salt water flats!
  4. To fish for Wild Trout in New Zealand
  Any funny fishing tales you would like to share? I have a few funny tales but most have elements of rudeness! The main thing though is that all of the funny memories that fishing has brought me has been with some fantastic friends along the way – many of them have been made through fishing so for that I am very thankful.   Your perfect day would consist of? As above - friends are a massive part of fishing for me, so it would start with a good group of friends and fishing somewhere like the Tweed (I only say the Tweed because it is closest to me, other rivers would be fine :) ). We would then fish for the day for Salmon with some nice food for lunch and then when we have finished we would have a few drinks at a pub to discuss what the day consisted of.  Normally it’s how someone lost a fish that could have been a world record! We never seem to land them though, funny that!   John Henderson 5What are you most proud of/greatest achievement? Well this one’s easy and it’s not fishing related! I have 2 fantastic kids and this remains my greatest and proudest achievements.  My daughter Caitlin who is 14 years old and my son Tyler who is 11 years old.   Who or what inspires you? My Family are my main inspiration and what makes me get out of bed in the morning – My wife, children and my dogs!  Followed by my job, both of these things are extremely important to me!     How did you get a career start in the fishing industry? As I said above I love of fishing started when I was 8 years old and as I went through my teenage years this love grew stronger. In 1994 I had to choose somewhere to do my work experience, I chose fishing tackle manufacturer – Greys of Alnwick, they accepted me and I spent 2 fantastic weeks learning all about how to build a fishing rod. I then followed this up with some part time work during school holidays and when my schooling finished I chose to work full time at the company who gave me the chance to prove myself as a rod builder. House of Hardy which any fisherman would know as one of the largest tackle companies in the world acquired Greys of Alnwick to become known as Hardy Greys Ltd, I carried on my path with Hardy and Greys which in 2013 was acquired by Pure Fishing, this is now where we are today with Pure Fishing owning several of the world’s biggest brands’ including Hardy, Greys, Penn, Abu Garcia, Shakespeare amongst others.   John Henderson 2Checkout what we have to offer from these great brands –   Hardy Greys Abu Garcia Shakespeare     Any advice for fellow anglers that would like a career in the fishing world? I was very lucky as a teenager and knew what I wanted. I would say for anybody wanting something similar - work hard and set out your goals at a young age and understand what you need to help achieve them.   What is the big thing for your brand this year? As I said above we have many fantastic brands within the Pure Fishing family, I would say the best thing for us is the versatility we can offer anglers from young to old, this in turn gives us the ability to get more new anglers into the sport, this could be kids, women or men. Can you give us any advice or useful tips? Never eat yellow snow :) Seriously though, in life you have to work hard to get what you want - it will not just happen on its own! In fishing, listen to others, Ghillie’s, river keepers, shop staff/owners – they all know what’s going on, what flies or methods to use! If you listen to them the chances are you will have success in what you’re trying to do. Hopefully some of the above will help you catch your next PB or fish of a lifetime. Tight Lines John Henderson
Glyn Freeman, a fly fishing instructor with a passion for seeing his students succeed, talks to us about perfect days, unplanned adventures and positive thinking. He has travelled across the world fishing, gaining experience and making memories, but there are still plenty of places he’s yet to go.   Name:  Glyn Freeman Age: 58 Location: North Cumbria Job Description: Fly fishing instructor/guide, working with Borderlines and river keeper Likes:  Teaching people who are keen to learn and improve Dislikes: Negativity on the river Glyn Freeman Describe a typical day for you. There is hardly ever a typical day in this business. One day it could be teaching or guiding one to one on the river, guiding a small group of anglers somewhere on the Eden, running a residential salmon course in Scotland, fishing for sea trout at night, working with youth with Borderlines, river keeping duties and every now again fishing for myself when there is a spare moment!   What age did you start fishing? I started fishing when I was eight.   What is your first fishing memory? My first time out on the river Avon near Bristol, trotting a quill float down a swim, watching it disappear and catching my first dace. That was it, I was hooked there and then!   What do you love most about the sport? For me it is some of the nice people we often meet, I have made most of my true friends through fishing in one form or another. It has been an excuse to travel to some really nice places that I would have never visited had I not fished. I love the outdoors, the nature, the challenge, sharing an experience with others, all that is around us on the river and trying to understand it all.   Glyn Freeman 2Describe your casting style? Laid back with the minimum of effort and movement. Why buy a car and push it yourself?!   What is your most memorable fishing experience? Latching on to and landing a lively twenty pound plus sea trout in Argentina on a seven weight outfit.   What piece of kit could you not live without? Quality Polaroids are a must. Check out the John Norris range of fishing sunglasses here   What do you still want to tick off your fishing bucket list? Fishing some of the rivers like the Cascapedia and Bonaventure, where you can witness salmon behaviour in the clear water.   Any funny fishing tales you would like to share? Most days we have a story to tell! We have a laugh and I meet some wonderful characters but I would hate to embarrass anyone.   What would your perfect day consist of? Teaching is my passion. For me the perfect day is not for my own rod, as I have had many "perfect days" on the water. It is to see a relative beginner, after you have spent time with them, make that first perfect cast or catch their first ever salmon or trout.   What are you most proud of/greatest achievement? As well as being proud of my family, I am totally proud of making this business work as a full time occupation. I’m still enjoying it and have been so lucky.   Glyn Freeman 3Who or what inspires you? Positive people.   How did you get a career start in the fishing industry? After getting the necessary qualifications to improve my own fly fishing in 1998 and meeting a lot of people in the fishing business, I began teaching on a part time basis. That soon evolved into a full time occupation - totally unplanned, but a great outcome.   Any advice for fellow anglers that would like a career in the fishing world? Nowadays it is not as easy as when I first started, as there are plenty out there doing the same thing. You just have to be more special and do things a little differently to the rest. If you want it badly enough and have the passion, it will happen.   What is the big thing for your brand this year? Showing off the great river that we have in the Eden Valley and a much overdue revamped web site.   Can you give us any advice or useful tips? Enjoy the river you fish and get to know it well. Work on and enjoy your casting as it can be very satisfying. Think about how the fly is fishing, rather than just swinging it across the current aimlessly, and think positively!
Based in Northumberland, 27 year old Scott has represented England in World and European Championships together with a whole host of other international competitions at both Senior and Youth levels. He is currently the Northern Sales Manager at Sonik.   Name : Scott Nellins Age: 27 Location: Northumberland Job Description: Northern Sales Manager at Sonik Likes: Competition fishing, Catching Big Grayling and Fishing Dries Dislikes: The bad press Comp Anglers get & people posting absolute nonsense on Facebook! Scott Nellins Describe a typical day for you? Although I look after all of the northern accounts for Sonik, I do spend a lot of time in the office working on new products for all of Sonik ranges as well as the marketing & website side of things. Typical isn't really in the Sonik vocabulary!     What age did you start fishing? I think I was 3 or 4 fishing for flounders in the local estuary.     What is your first fishing memory? Catching my first Flatfish, I was very impatient at an early age and always wanted to reel in minutes after casting out. I had cast out (about 5 yards), and wanted to reel it in about a minute after. For some reason a flounder had grabbed my bait within seconds!   What do you love most about the Sport? The fact you never stop learning and every day is different.     Describe your casting style? I would call it fluid and efficient. I try to spend as least time casting as I can, and more time fishing!   Scott Nellins 2 What is your most memorable fishing experience? I've a lot of excellent memories from fishing, and the more I think, the more I have. Perhaps one of the most memorable is being awarded the Grafham Lodge Trophy (Top English Rod) in my first loch style home international at the Lake of Mentieth, by the late great Moc Morgan. Moc is a true legend of our sport and being awarded that trophy from him was absolutely amazing.         What piece of kit could you not live without? My fly boxes. I've spent countless hours putting them together and you couldn't fly fish without flies. I have boxes for World & Euro competitions, Loch Style Competitions, Bank Fishing Competitions and a couple of ‘leisure’ boxes as they all have different rule sets. Check out our range of fly boxes – products from C&F, Greys, Guideline, Snowbee, Vision and Wychwood as well as our very own range of plastic and wooden boxes.   What do you still want to tick off your fishing bucket list? My next goal is winning a medal at either the World or European Championships, however as far as destinations I have a book-full! Alaska, B.C, Iceland, New Zealand, Galapagos, Aussie etc. Every time I look at a new place on TV I add it to my list! Ha   Any funny fishing tales you would like to share? I’ve a few but I think they would only be suitable to read after the 9pm watershed…   Your perfect day would consist of? I love Loch style fishing when the fish are on top and rising. A warm day with high, thick cloud and light ripple is perfect for me, slowing drifting down a windlane picking of rising trout!...where’s my rods!...   What are you most proud of/greatest achievement? Representing my country at the sport I love on so many different levels, Youth, World Youth, Senior River, Senior Loch Style, European & World. It’s also nice when you see someone you’ve helped out achieve something. I’m involved in the Angling Trust Talent Pathway, which is there to help kids get into the England Youth Team. It’s great to help young anglers achieve their goals too.   Scott Nellins 3Who or what inspires you? I get inspiration from setting personal targets and trying to achieve them. I always try to set little targets for myself, even if it is just a pleasure day on a river. I’ll try to target 10 fish out of the next 100 yards of river for example within a certain time frame.   How did you get a career start the fishing industry? I worked Saturdays in the shop at Hardy when I was still in school, and when I was 18 a job came up in New Product Development which I was lucky enough to get. I was there for 5 years which gave me a really good insight to the industry.   Any advice for fellow anglers that would like a career in the fishing world? Keep your eyes open for any opportunities. There isn't many jobs in this sector so you may have to look at something that wouldn't be your first job of a career if you want to work in angling.   What is the big thing for your brand this year? Our SKS Black Fly Rods are amazing value for money. I've been using them for a good while now, and I've never had a rod at that price point put a smile on my face so much just by casting it. Sonik Rods, Reels and Spools   Can you give us any advice or useful tips? Never stop experimenting with new things. The angler who is catching more than you is the one that has worked out what the fish want on that given day, and you only reach that level by experimenting.

Quick Q & A with Our Fly Fishing Experts

17 March 2015 15:22:51 GMT

Now that fly fishing season is here and with the weather slowly starting to warm up a bit, some of our fly fishing experts have got together a few of the most common fly fishing questions that we have seen being asked lately. If any of you have any other questions or areas of fly fishing you would like help with, please don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and send us a quick message detailing what it is you would like us to try and help you with.  

What is the basic difference between salt water and fresh water fly fishing? 

Salt water and fresh water contain a variety of different species which can be targeted in multiple ways. For example salt water fly fishing often requires fairly short heavier weighted rods. These rods allow you to cast big flies a long distance whilst coping with the harsh conditions that you can be faced with when fishing in the ocean. Species often targeted are bonefish, mullet, bass and tarpon. Fly fishing in freshwater usually involves the use of lighter weighted rods and generally smaller flies than salt water types. Freshwater species that are often fished for include a variety of trout, grayling, salmon and pike.  

What are some key tips when fly fishing?

- When fishing in stillwater always fish the margins before casting further out into open water. This prevents spooking what are potentially catchable fish. - Presentation is everything, look to present your fly within your own casting capabilities. Distance is not everything and certainly does not always mean more landed fish. A better presented fly on the other hand often does. - When salmon fishing, it is always worth changing your leader after catching a fish. This will get rid of any weaknesses that have been created in your tippet material and ensure a strong, secure connection with the next fish you hook. - Always evenly re-wind your fly line onto your fly reel before every salmon fishing outing. This will prevent your fly line snagging when playing a fish and give you the best chance of landing it. - Choose an appropriate tippet size for the type and size for fish you are targeting. A tippet material that is too thick can discourage fish from taking your fly. Whereas a tippet material too thin or too light in terms of strength can result fish being lost once hooked.  

What are you tying this month?

 Trout: Large Dark Olive, Elk Hair Emerger, Epoxy Buzzer Black and Olive, Black Traffic Light Buzzer and a Pheasant Tail Nymph. Salmon: Spring Boyo, Green Highlander, Ice Madden and a Super Snelda. A full list of all our flies can be found here.  

What are the best fishing channels on Sky?

Sky Discovery has a good number of different fishing programs listed; however, YouTube is by far the best place to find and watch fishing videos.  

What are good gifts for fly fisherman?

Fly boxes, pro selector fly selections (multiple choices), nets and wading staffs, sunglasses, fly fishing accessories - e.g. forceps, scissors, disgorgers, priests and scales.
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