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Our Top Tackle For Trout Fishing In 2017

18 March 2017 10:25:48 GMT

It's that time of year again! The new salmon and trout fishing seasons are officially upon us, and it's time for us all to be brushing up our gear ready to get out on the waters again - if you've not already done so.

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The End of Line Warehouse Sale is On!

28 August 2015 12:16:22 BST

Summer may be almost over, much to many people’s disappointment. But at John Norris that can only mean one thing - it’s the beginning of our End of Line warehouse sale!   Hardy Zenith 440 Sintrix Single Handed Fly RodOur End of Line sale gives our loyal customers the chance to grab themselves a great deal. With discounts up to 70%, now is a more perfect time than ever to stock up on some much needed essentials, or treat yourself or a friend to a new bit of kit. Our Hardy Zenith 440 Sintrix Single Handed Fly Rods, for example, are certain to take your fancy if you’re looking for a new rod to add to your collection. This super fast action, single handed fly rod have incredible strength to weight ratio. Available at half price this beauty ought to be purchased quickly while stocks last.     Hardy Mach Spey Fly LinesOur Hardy Mach Spey fly lines, meanwhile, will make the perfect accompaniment to your new rod (or, at the very least, will create the feeling of having one!). Available in floating, sink tip, intermediate and wet 2 sinking, these lines are a treat for your wallet as well as your cast, down from £69.99 to £35.99.     Barbour Fenlow Waxed JacketIf you’re all set for gear but fancy indulging in a self-splurge, why not treat yourself to a Barbour Fenlow waxed jacket  At just £69.99, these fleece and quilt-lined multi-purpose coats are a steal, incorporating everything we love about Barbour’s classic range with a whopping £160 off. Finish it off with a Hardy Radcliffe Tattersall shirt or a pair of our John Norris moleskin trousers. The shirts feature innovative UVP +30 along with a microban anti-bacterial finish, keeping you fresh all day long, while our trousers combine hardy, windproof capabilities with lightweight, snag-resistant fabric.

Hardy Radcliffe Tattersall Shirt

Barbour Ladies Mooring JacketFor the ladies, we've got a fantastic deal on our Barbour ladies’ mooring jackets. Made from lightweight, breathable outer and 70% cotton on the inner, they’re the ideal cover-up for any outfit, protecting from the wind and rain without compromising on style. Available at £69.99 reduced from £229! Get yourself set for autumn with our End of Line sale, and start making the most of these fabulous savings.
Many of you may not know this but for over 35 years we have bought and exchanged a large amount of used fishing tackle. If you are ever looking to buy a new fishing rod, reel or even a pair of waders and have some used tackle that you could possibly exchange in the process, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can offer you a quote based on further inspection of the goods. Once we receive any used items we inspect them carefully and grade them as follows to sell on to anyone who is looking to pick up any second hand tackle at a good price – A – Appears Unused B – Superb Condition C – Very Good Condition D – Marked but Appears Sound E – Usable F – Poor Condition, Reflected in the Price In addition to the used tackle we receive, we also have quite a large selection of ex-demonstration fishing rods and reels available at a discounted price for sale. These are also graded using the same system but are nearly always a grade A as many items have never even left the shop. With around 200 items currently in stock, you can find a full list of the Ex-demonstration and Pre-loved Fishing Tackle listed on our website. This list is updated daily however we can’t guarantee all the items are still available as they are sold on a first come, first served basis.
Every year we like to spend time searching out the best deals and offers we can and put together a number of Fishing Rod Outfits that suit our customers needs whether they are new to fishing or not. Our collections of Fishing Rod Outfits include Salmon Rod Outfits, Atlantic Outfits, Stillwater and Reservoir Fly Fishing Outfits and much more.  We include a Fly Rod, Fly Reel and Fly lines with our outfits as standard and sometimes include bags, nets and other accessories we feel would benefit our customers and help get them out on the water’s edge at an affordable cost.   Greys GR50 Stillwater and Reservoir Fly Fishing OutfitOne of our most popular Fishing Rod Outfit is the Greys GR50 Stillwater and Reservoir Fly Fishing Outfit currently priced at £204.99 - £209.99. These outfits are specifically designed for the UK’s Stillwaters and reservoirs and features:  
  • Greys GR50 4 Piece Fly Rod
  • Choice of Greys GX500 4/5/6 or 6/7/8 Fly Reel + 2 Spare Spools
  • John Norris Evo Twin Colour Floating Fly Line
  • John Norris Pro2 Clear Intermediate Fly Line
  • John Norris Pro2 Sink Tip Fly Line
  • Backing and Loops Fitted
  John Norris Atlantic OutfitsAnother of our best selling Fishing Rod Outfits is the John Norris Atlantic Outfits priced from £279.99 - £319.99. These outfits have been put together by the John Norris fishing team and have been created to cover every imaginable salmon fishing situation. This outfit includes:  
  • John Norris Atlantic Salmon Rod
  • Snowbee Stealth Reel Featuring Disc Drag
  • John Norris Atlantic Fly Lines to Cover all Salmon Fishing Conditions and Challenges
    Shakespeare Sigma Complete Brook and Stream Fly Fishing OutfitThe last Fishing Rod Outfit we would like to feature is our Shakespeare Sigma Complete Brook and Stream Fly Fishing Outfit currently on offer for £119.99 reduced from £237.89! These outfits have been designed to offer the fly fisher everything you need to get started or looking to try something new. Included in these outfits is:  
  • Shakespeare Sigma 4 Piece Fly Rod with Tube
  • Snowbee Classic Fly Reel
  • John Norris Evo Twin Coloured Floating Fly Line to Match
  • Shakespeare Glider Pocket Bag
  • Shakespeare Glider Scoop Net
  • Snowbee Easy-Vue Fly Box + 60 Flies
  • 10 x John Norris Pro2 Tapered Leaders
  • Loon Fly Floatant and Sinkant
  • John Norris Snips, Zinger and Forceps
  • Backing and Loops Fitted
Sage Logo       With fly fishing in full flow we thought it would be a good time to offer everyone the chance to win fly fishing rod of their choice from our fantastic range of Sage Fly Fishing Rods we currently stock.   Sage was founded in 1980 by the legendary rod designer Don Green. He had one idea in mind when Sage was created and that was – to build the worlds finest performance fly rods. Well, we certainly haven't been disappointed! Performance and power has always been the main focus for Don as experience had taught him that fly rods should never run out of “power”. He knew the best designs were those that always held power in reserve for those extra long casts or windy conditions.   Sage Method Double Handed Fly RodOur current range of Sage fly fishing rods includes all the top models from their latest range of fly rods including the Sage Method Double Handed Fly Rod. This fantastic rod comes in a wide range of sizes ranging from the 11ft 9in, 5 7/16oz weight model available for £769, all the way up to the 15ft, 9 5/8oz model on sale for £919.       Sage ONE Single Handed Fly RodFor those who prefer a single handed fly rod , we have the Sage ONE Single Handed Fly Rod also available in a good range of lengths and weights priced between £669 and £679.   So be sure to give yourself a chance of winning a Sage fly fishing rod of your choice from our latest stock by visiting our Competition Page and answering the simple multiple choice question now!  

Fishing on the River Eden

21 January 2014 17:31:09 GMT

The River Eden is considered as one of the finest angling rivers in the country and salmon season is now open! We thought we would provide a little bit of information for anyone planning to head to the River Eden on some of the best places to fish and what equipment we would recommend including in your kit.

River Eden at Armathwaite


Where to Fish

Firstly, a little bit of general information about the River Eden. Beginning at Mallerstang in Cumbria on the border with North Yorkshire the river runs for 90 miles passing through many popular towns and cities such as Appleby in Westmorland, Penrith, on through Carlisle and eventually coming to an end at the Solway Firth on the border with Scotland. It has around 60 minor tributaries along its way including the Caldew, Eamont and River Irthing. The River Eden has been split into three tiers to help anglers when choosing where to fish for their selected catch.   Upper Reaches – This covers the area from the source of the river in Mallerstang down to Kirby Stephen. This area is popular for brown trout and grayling.   Middle Reaches – This is where the serious salmon fishing starts. Ranging from Kirby Stephen to Armathwiate, this stretch includes Lazonby - a popular place for salmon fishing with its steep gradients and short pools to explore. Recommended beats include Eden Lacy and the various beats of the Lazonby Estate.   Warwick HallLower Reaches – Here we have prime salmon fishing particularly for those looking to catch their first spring salmon of the season. This section covers Armathwaite, through Wetheral and Carlisle all the way to the Solway Firth. Considered one of the best places for salmon fishing on the River Eden, Warwick Hall offers two beautiful stretches of water dedicated for fly fisherman with some fantastic records of salmon catches recorded there in the past.  



What length rod and type of line to use can vary depending on conditions such as width of river and temperature of water but as a basic guide we would recommend a double handed rod of around 15ft in length, such as the Greys GR50 Double Handed Fly Fishing Rod. Greys GR50 Double Handed Fly Rod       Loop Multi ReelPair this with a large arbour reel such as the Loop Multi Fly Reel fitted with a Shooting head and sink tip or a Skagit line.  We would also recommend a 15-20 pound breaking strain monofilament leader of around 4-5 feet in length.     The choice of fly can depend on many different factors such as speed and depth of the river, clarity of the water and also its temperature. In colder waters we would suggest using a fly that sinks as close to the bottom as possible yet moves slowly through the water as salmon in cold waters are less likely to chase. When it comes to fly choice and you are fishing somewhere new, we always say the best thing to do would be to take tips from either a Ghillie or local fisherman and start from there.   Guideline Driva Stockingfoot WadersWhen it comes to clothing the first obvious item would be a strong pair of waders, such as the popular Guideline Driva Stockingfoot Waders.     Simms Guide JacketOn top we would suggest the Simms Guide Jacket, with its 3 layer Gore-Tex® Performance Shell it is perfect for withstanding the harshest of British weather.  


Other useful sites –

Eden Rivers Trust - The only charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of the River Eden, its tributaries and its surrounding countryside. River Eden & District Fisheries Association – Useful information on locations, seasons and permits required.
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