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The Dogs of John Norris Part 5

22 July 2015 11:00:44 BST

Name(s): Ben and Milly Breed(s): Labrador and Labradoodle Age(s): 7 years and 8 weeks Belong to: Mark Bendle, Assistant Store Manager   About us.. Ben Ben Mark got Ben from a gamekeeper when he was young. He had been doing his gundog training but unfortunately he didn’t make the cut. Ben is a typical Labrador. He loves to be outside and of course he loves his food! However, Ben has a sensitive stomach, therefore he is fed a diet of raw meat and vegetables with cider vinegar and seaweed. He enjoys playing with his toys and being spoiled by Mark’s daughter.   Check out our range of toys - and keep your dog entertained for hours - here     Milly MillyMilly is the newest addition to the Bendle household. She is an 8 week old Chocolate Labradoodle. Isn’t she just the cutest? Mark arrived back from his holidays with the family and went to pick her up at the weekend. She is settling into the family really well and she loves her big brother Ben very much. Mark tells us she is in to everything and won’t leave Ben alone - she is fascinated by him! TIP: Getting a new puppy can be daunting, especially if you haven’t had one before. We suggest that you go to puppy classes and read up a little before your new bundle arrives.  

The Dogs of John Norris Part 4

15 July 2015 16:24:02 BST

Name(s): ‘The Dewhursts’ Ages(s): We haven’t got that many fingers to count! Breed(s): Spaniels, Labradors and Terriers… oh and a Suluki/Lurcher cross! Belong to: Alison Dewhurst – Sales Consultant   About us… Where do we start? There are so many dogs for us to tell you about. Alison must be mad for keeping this many!   Alison and her family live on a farm, in a village surrounding Penrith. Here, the dogs have plenty of room to exercise and play. The dogs are also often treated to walks along the western coastline, where they enjoy going for a swim.   Firstly there is Harvey the Border Terrier, who you can see here on the beach with his red rain coat on. Very sweet! Harvey Jack, the Springer Spaniel, is one of Alison’s favourites! She has got many pictures of him – mind you, he is very handsome! Jack is the go-to dog for Alison’s husband when he is out on the shoot. Jack was trained with dummies as a pup so that he would be able to carry larger birds. Jack Have a look at our range of gundog training aids, and get your four legged friend trained up?   Amber, the Suluki/Lurcher cross is staying with Alison over the summer. Alison tell us her daughters have got quite attached to this little girl and can see there being a few tears when she has to go back to her owner. We don’t blame you girls, she is so pretty! Amber There are also the two Labradors. There’s Tigger, a Black Labrador who is potentially in pup and is due to give birth in July. There’s also Poppy, a Fox Red girl who is now in her senior years - it comes to us all in the end!   And finally there’s Lottie, another Border. She has two small pups at the moment; she is the perfect mother and loves caring for them.
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The Dogs of John Norris Part 3

19 June 2015 10:00:38 BST

Name(s): Milo Breed: Labrador Age: 1 Belong to: Claire Jewitt – Mail Order


About me: Milo…. Milo belongs to Claire who is part of the Mail Order telesales team. Milo is a typical Labrador and loves to be outdoors, he is very energetic and a family dog rather than a working dog, he is very loyal and loving and always wants to play. Unfortunately not long after getting Milo as a puppy, Claire discovered that he has early onset of hip dysplasia even though he had a KC hip score when purchased. Milo regularly attends hydrotherapy. He loves swimming and fetching sticks. Milo was Claire’s first dog, so she attended obedience classes to train her and Milo!!  She felt these were beneficial and gave her much more confidence.


Favourite Product: When out on walks Milo loves to play with his Fling Ball.  It is a fun way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out. Fling it and fetch it - it's as simple as that!  
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The Dogs of John Norris Part 2

30 May 2015 10:00:15 BST

Name(s): Alfie and Rosie Breed: Cocker Spaniel Age: 2½ and 10 years Belong to: James and Kate Norris

Alfie and Rosie in river

About the dogs: Alfie and Rosie are with James whenever he goes shooting or fishing. They often spend the afternoon watching James and Kate catching Trout and sometimes a Salmon on the rivers in the Eden Valley. Both Alfie and Rosie love being outdoors! Cockers have so much energy even after a 10 mile walk they want more!!! Alfie had his first full season picking up last year and he was amazing, James says “I was most impressed with his 400 yard retrieve this year after a runner”. Alfie is a big smiler – When he smiles he shows his teeth and pulls a funny face… It’s hilarious. Rosie likes to constantly tap on the drawer where her ball is hidden until she goes out to play. Rosie is a great swimmer…total water baby! When you throw the stick for her, she brings it back making the funniest pig snorting sound. Favourite Product(s): James explains that the there are two dog products that he just couldn’t be without and those are… The Seeland Transporter Boxes - Lightweight and very comfortable for the dogs and look smart. You can fit two spaniel size boxes in the back of a 4x4 with enough room for the rest of your shooting or fishing gear. Dog Road Refresher Non Spill Water Bowl (As seen on Dragons Den) – Does exactly what it says on the tin! Ideal for long journeys.

Seeland Transporter Box and Non Spill Water Bowl

The Dogs of John Norris Part 1

29 May 2015 09:45:38 BST

Name(s): Betty & Floyd Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer Age: 3 and 5 Belong to: Bridgette Ibbotson (Data Administrator/Sales Consultant) BETTY AND FLOYD IMAGES About me: Floyd… Floyd is 5 years old and was rehomed by Bridgette and her husband in 2011 because he was a handful for his owners. He was 11 months old at the time and full of beans! Bridgette only saw a photograph of him and fell in love instantly – She had to have him! He is a cheeky chap and loves to be close. We are pretty sure he thinks he is a lap dog. Floyd enjoys long walks and swimming in Ullswater Lake with his new sister Betty.   Betty… Betty is a Greek rescue dog and is approximately 3 years old. She had been dumped by hunters near Kefalonia with a young pup. She was brought to the UK in July 2014 but had a tough time settling without her pup, Olive, who now lives in Milton Keynes. She came to live in the Lakes with Bridgette in November last year and has come on leaps and bounds. She’s still very nervous with new people but a treat and a cuddle later and she’s your best friend. Betty enjoys snuggling up in her bed after long walks and teasing Floyd!   Favourite Product: 40 Winks Deep Plush Donut Dog Bed - 27in “These dog beds have been an amazing purchase – Floyd and Betty don’t leave them! They’re lovely and soft plus they can be machine washed too”. Bridgette BETTY AND FLOYD BED
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