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Moleskin Trousers

Moleskin trousers at John Norris are amongst the most popular items of outdoor clothing we sell, and are big sellers all year round.

No matter whether you're an experienced angler, or new to shooting, you'll know the importance of having the right sort of clothing. Whilst jackets and boots might be easy to choose, trousers can be much more difficult. This is why moleskin trousers are the obvious choice.

Moleskin trousers are more functional than jeans, and are better if the weather takes a turn for the worse, and it starts raining, or gets very cold. Moleskin trousers will keep you warm in winter, so that you can still go fishing or shooting when it's cold. In addition, moleskin trousers will help you to stay cool when the weather's warm too.

Perhaps you're looking for more formal shooting trousers for when you go shooting, or you're fed up f being cold and wet when you're fishing. Moleskin trousers really are the ideal outdoor trousers.

Moleskin trousers are hardwearing, and will last for many years. Despite the fact that they are lightweight, they are still able to cope with all sorts of terrains and environments, and will last for many years.

Moleskin trousers are snag proof, so ideal for wearing on rough ground when shooting or fishing. You don't want to find out when it's too late that you trousers can't withstand the thorns and branches that you'll come across in the field, or on the way to the riverbank.

As well as for fishing and shooting, moleskin trousers are suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities. Perhaps you often go walking in the countryside, or are a farmer, or just want to stay warm and dry when you take the dog for a walk in the winter.

Moleskin trousers at John Norris offer excellent value for money, and so there's no excuse for not wearing moleskin trousers for whatever you get up to in the great outdoors.

Barbour moleskin trousers and John Norris moleskin trousers are available, and will help you to enjoy your time in the countryside. If you're a fan of Barbour clothing then perhaps you'll choose Barbour moleskin trousers, whilst if you're a bit more cost conscious, or won't wear your moleskin trousers that often, then perhaps you'll choose the John Norris moleskin trousers.

Why not browse the range of moleskin trousers and other moleskin clothing at John Norris, and see how else you can stay warm, dry and stylish whilst you're shooting or fishing?

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